Tuesday, January 17, 2012

the original general store

growing up on long island, we went to this general store...with the screen door slamming, the coke cooler on the porch, we rode our bikes to get popsicles and our neighbors who had horses, rode down and tied up on the posts to get the newspapers for their dad, check the bulletin board for babysitting jobs...my brother remembers that they had the best penny candy at the counter.

it was a sad day when it was torn down and replaced with a chain gas station.
i remember this as a center of our community, a place where neighbors gathered, news shared, a place that kids went to when ice cream was a treat...this is the spirit of the new general store, where friends and neighbors gather a couple of times a year to have lunch or a cup of cider, to gather by the river and watch the swans in spring, or by the fire in fall to catch up on what's happening...a place to see old friends and meet new ones. and its also a place to be in touch on line with our events, local products for sale, and a way to connect.

we hope you'll follow us at the new general store on long island!


  1. Love this story of your old General Store Trish - I don't think I ever knew that one.........I recognize the location. I too had a wonderful General Store in Port Jefferson growing up called Ottingers - it was upstairs -downstairs and the old wooden floors were smoothed by the decades of footsteps.....it was there my cousins and I would go for a fresh stash of bazooka (with comics) and embroidery floss, and rickrack and the penny candies....paper doll books and crayons....whatever we needed. There was the screen door that slammed, and grownups of all ages catching up - sadly it is also gone now.
    But the New General Store really fills the bill! Happy 2012! I was thinking already of summer. Sigh..................................maybe there will be mosquito nets!

    Love and hugs,

  2. Hi Belle,
    This was the old general store on 25A in Fort Salonga...
    have fond memories of it and it definitely inspired my Bellport General Store and now The New General Store...
    glad you enjoyed visiting!

  3. It's to bad you still can't get the penny candy like you use to. It's always sad to see places torn down that brought you joy.

    -Zane of ontario honey